Toy Museum - Background

The museum collection is privately owned by the Hamilton family who have purchased the vast majority of the exhibits over the last 67 years. Each of the five family members has a particular field of interest.

Philip Hamilton was a fanatical collector of toy soldiers for nearly 80 years from when he was a lad at school. His display includes civilian figures, model aircraft, tanks and battleships and they can be viewed throughout the museum.

His wife, Patsy Hamilton, in defence against her husband's ever growing army, developed a keen interest in vintage dolls, bears, puppets, dolls houses and action man. Their two children have continued the obsessive family tradition.

Son Cris Hamilton has from an early age collected toy cars and model trains. His special interest is in electric slot racing cars and, more recently, Raleigh Choppers. The museums working model and garden railways were both built by him. Younger sister Catriona has been responsible for finding many of the toys for the family members, when from an early age we discovered she was small enough to battle her way through the hordes of bargain hunters at school fêtes and jumble sales, always returning with another "treasure".

Catriona's husband, John Hunter, was bitten by the collecting bug and in the 25 years of their relationship has amassed an extensive selection of science fiction and comic related toys, many of which are included within the television and film related displays.